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This is the home page of Sung Tzu-Wen. Not the founder of the Central Bank of China and the former Chinese Prime Minister Sung Tzu-Wen (Soong Tse-Ven) or the famous Taiwanese cram school teacher Sung Tzu-Wen but the reinventing-the-wheel economist Sung Tzu-Wen. I can be quickly reached by email at sung@mail.au.edu.tw. Please feel free to send me your questions, comments or concerns.

Brief Bio

At present I am an assistant professor in the Department of International Business and Trade at Aletheia University in Taiwan. Fall of 2015 I am teaching three courses on Economics, History of World Trade, and Selected English Readings in Trade & Economics.

From January to July 2008, I was the founding Chief Executive Officer of the Taiwan Electronic Governance Research Center (which is supported by the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission of the Executive Yuan, Taiwan) and the Postdoctoral Fellow of the Taiwan Governance and Technology Center in the College of Social Sciences at National Chengchi University in Taiwan.

Fall of 2007 I earned my Ph.D. degree in Economics at Claremont Graduate University in the United States and started to teach a course on Principles of Economics in the Department of Global Politics and Economics at Tamkang University Lanyang Campus in Taiwan.

My various affiliations are as follows: Aletheia University (2008 to present); Taiwan Electronic Governance Research Center (2008); National Chengchi University (2008); Tamkang University (2007 to 2008); Claremont Graduate University (2002 to 2007); Taipei County Ming Chih Junior High School (2002); North Coast Patrol Office (2000 to 2001); National Dong Hwa University (1998 to 2000); National Taiwan University (1994 to 1998).

Contact Info

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    Department of International Business and Trade
    Aletheia University
    No. 32, Zhenli St., Tamsui Dist.
    New Taipei City 25103
    Taiwan, (R.O.C.)
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    +886-2-2621-2121 Ext. 8109
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